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Proficiency Of Participation In IJOAR Computer Science Journal With 3 Justifications

Students and scholars across different disciplines make it a point to enlist their research work or practical studies in the journals and seminars. Through such presentations, they not only get good mileage out of such endeavours, but can get their works reviewed and contributed through different interested co-workers and peers. There are plenty of benefits in participating in the journals and getting their works published, but with an eye on certain justified reasons. This is because their works can be recognised and their participation will result in accolades, recognitions and sometimes even compensation in different forms. In this regard, the IJOAR computer science journal has been in the forefront of encouraging students to work on variety of computer related topics and get these published as and when the time comes.

* Well known journals carry better visibility – Being one of the leading scientific journals in the field of computer science, IJOAR gives the published authors high degree of recognition and mileage. Since it is credible to get publications in renowned journals, this particular journal is being sought by many publishers and authors. Research topics can be sent to the editorial board for review and then publishing in the journal, if the suitability features are met. Many scholars are eager to get their publications in the renowned journals, for which there is more mileage and better credit points to be recognised in their universities, for different scholastic pursuits and for being known among their peers.

* Getting recognition amongst peers – When someone gets the computer related research papers in the IJOAR computer science journal, there is pretty good chance of being recognised. In the literary parlance, it is good to have publications in recognised journals, and hence in this computer science journal. Such features have brought about significant changes in the manner in which people are nowadays approaching their research works. Since they have a way of getting recognised for their work, it is becoming a popular avenue for plenty of people. Especially for scholars, students and Ph.D workers, these journals have opened newer avenues for carrying out the research work with further enthusiasm and zeal.

* Chance to work on recent advances and get due recognition – During seminars and conferences, where reviews are done sometimes for the publications, IJOAR will surely get better mileage for the published papers. If people have targeted this journal to pursue further academic and research recognitions, it would be in their benefit to work on variety of recent advances and theories to get quick and easy publications. This kind of advantages lures many people to work on their research and academics, so that they have fair chance of getting through into the renowned journals.

In the competitive world scenario, where publications in journals are being seen as part of scholastic and academic pursuits, the IJOAR computer science journal will be of much assistance. Such journals are being searched by many computer science students from all across the world and also by academicians. So, getting publications in such journals will help in recognition of the work done in different aspects of computer science, which will be further boost for the encouragement of these students.