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A Guide on IJOAR Computer Science Journal Article Submission

International Journal of Advance Research in Computer Science or IJOARCS is a reputable open access international journal. This publication is popular enough for its high quality journal articles written by many researchers, authors and computer science professionals. Rapid publication of peer reviewed articles within a month is the best reason for the authors to select IJOAR computer science journal. The available template, submission guidelines for authors and expert tips will improve the possibility of approval of the article for publication.

Making Articles Ready for Submission and Publication:

You as the author, have to wait for the call of papers notification to submit your journal articles for the review. Proofreading, making it alike the template, complying every aspect of author guidelines of IJOAR is essential. Most of the research article publications have their own set of guidelines and different submission process. Online submission of the articles and peer review system are quite common among all leading open access international journal publications.

Different Aspects of Journal Article:

1. Article – Make sure, all the clear thoughts regarding the research or study has been demonstrated through the article. You as the author have to choose the best words, appropriate and readable writing style for making your submission acceptable. Try to make all the phases meaningful by focusing on clarity, word selection, composition, etc, while writing the article. Consider checking the author guidelines perfectly to reduce the chance of rejection of your submitted article.

2. Abstract – After completing your research and writing of the article, consider preparing the abstract. Consider it as the abbreviated version of your whole research paper with complete understanding. Mention all the key points and necessary statements briefly to make it more understandable. Ensure, it is shorter and says everything about your research work.

3. Equations and Illustrations – The special typographical considerations and illustrations must be appropriately referenced in your article. Try to number the illustrations chronologically for making it more detectable. Screenshots and other images need to match the guidelines of the IJOAR computer science journal publication.

4. Manuscript Format – Most of the publishers set the rule to submit the manuscripts typewritten and double-spaced. Paper size and margin width also detailed by the publisher. You can download the template for making your paper accurate and avoid rejection. You can submit it online via their website or email after completing the proofread.

5. References – It plays a vital role and you have to be focused on it. All the sources used in the research work or article content must be properly referenced. Give complete details on your sources through this section briefly. Use the name of the authors and give attribute citations to the journal or book.

Submit Articles for Submission and Publication:

Online submission is one of the most preferred features of IJOAR computer science journal publication. It ensures better conveniences to the authors. Being an open access international journal, more and more authors are sending their papers to IJOAR. Use internet to get more resources on writing research papers or articles for journal publication.